Mission statements

WAIPU (North America): Mission, Vision, Values, Fiscal Responsibility, Team work and communication


Th World Association Icehockey Players Unions (“WAIPU”) focus is on the ice hockey players that belong to this organization and their families.

We as an organization are prepared to protect the human rights of all of its members, treat them as valued humans, and will promote dignity, respect and equality regardless of age, gender, race, colour, creed or religious beliefs, as cited in the Canadian Human Rights Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. H-6) http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/H-6/

We will foster growth of hockey on a global scale starting with grass-root programs, while seeking to protect the human rights of its ice hockey players. WAIPU is an organization that values and treats all with equal dignity and respect; an organization where everyone’s human rights are protected.


To organize a labour movement for professional and/or junior hockey players.
To create a safe environment that players and parents can voice concerns or praise without fear of reprisal and/or backlash from the organization(s), clubs, or their coaches or team managers.
We will work closely with various levels of governments and sports teams to oversee that all the rights and privileges of hockey players are respected.
We will provide support and guidance to our hockey members when they need to interact with the business of side of hockey.
We will work to ensure justice and equality to all hockey players in an integrated way via communications and partnerships.
We will provide each member with prompt, constructive help dealing with issues that will come up. They will have the confidence that their issues are being handled in a way that best represents them, allowing them to play hockey with confidence and self-esteem, knowing they are cared about and valued.

Core values

To act in a professional, transparent manner while protecting the rights of all ice hockey players past, present and future.

Fiscal Responsability

We value fiscal responsibility with strict adherence to financial accountability while allowing for development in a fiscally responsible manner.

Team Work

All organization levels are empowered to manage their areas of responsibility, work together to achieve common goals for WAIPU’s overall success.


We will strive to achieve honest and frequent communication, with a focus on all dynamics that can and will change within our sport. We believe that full participation, and open communication from all stakeholders is essential and leads to superior results.